Just for the haha's.

On Saturday, almost the end of my class my Professor told us this joke and it goes something like this…

A small man walked up to the bartender and told him, “I bet you $50 that I can bite my nose”. The bartender agreed to it and put $50 on the table. The small man took out his fake teeth and bite his nose. The bartender was mad that he lost the bet. The small man said, ” man, I feel bad. I bet you that I can lick my eyeball for $100 so you can win your money back”. The bartender agreed to the bet and put down $100 on the table. The small man took out his fake eyeball and lick his eyeball. The bartender was even more angry. The small man said, “I feel bad. Lets make another bet. There won’t be any tricks this time. I bet you that my spit can get inside the hat facing upside down on your head for $1000, so you can make some profit”. The bartender agreed and put down $1000 on the table. Instead of spitting inside the bartender’s hat, the small man spits directly on the bartender’s face. The bartender said, “haha, I win!!!”. The small man said, ” hahaha, I bet my friend that I can spit on your face for $3000”.