Palty: Sparkling Blonde to Milk Tea Brown!

Sparkling Blonde:
Milk Tea Brown:
I look so goofy with my bangs curled -_-
After: Sparkling Blonde
After I applied the products all over my hair and roots, I let it stay for 40 minutes. Here's how my hair look like after a week.
After: Milk Tea Brown
Waited ONE month before I dye my hair again. After I have applied the products all over my hair and roots, I let it stayed for 45 minutes before rinsing and conditioning. Here's how my hair turned out, after 1 week. I love it!
Hope this helps!

My dog :)

My little chihuahua is turning 2 this year on October and I got to get him neuter ASAP.

Kayaking Adventure! 08.19.2012

I went kayaking with the girls and it was fun. We give them our ID's and keys like a trade to bring back their boats. After kayaking for an hour we kayak back to get our Id's and keys and it was only $5 for each person including the vest.

Hot day

I wore a foam green with tribal print bandeau under my chiffon top. This outfit is relaxing for the summer time. I paired it with my favorite slippers that I got from Ross.

Mr. HoneyBunz

This is my sister's little bunny. He's one months old and he's been dwelling with us for a week now. His name is Mr. HoneyBunz. He's so adorable, but he deficated on me while he was on my lap. Its a good thing that rabbits poop out tiny solid balls.

2012 Senior Ball

On Saturday April 21, 2012 I went with my boyfriend to his Senior Ball. Before the Ball we went to the studio to take pictures together and with our friends.


Don't get Sodium confused with salt because table salt is 40% sodium and 60% chloride. Consuming greater than 2300 millimeter of sodium are bad for you. It can cause hypertension(high blood pressure). Untreated hypertension can cause vital organ damage via heart(heart attack, congestive heart failure,atherosclerosis), brain(stroke), kidney(failure), and eyes. The other day I went to Walmart with my mother and we happen to stop by this blood pressure check machine object. I'm not sure if its accurate, but I tried it out and it read that I have PRE HYPERTENSION -_-. Eating 10 servings of fruits and vegetables and 2 or 3 servings of low fat diary products daily can help people lower their blood pressure. Sodium is essential so we do need them in our diet, but just not too much. It helps our fluid balance, muscle contraction, and nerve impulse transmission. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2005, the recommended intake of sodium is less than 2300mg per day or 2000-2300mg per day and for people who have high blood pressure, less than 1500mg per day.

Nail polish: Sonia Kashuk, Tutti Frutti

Today was a stressful day because I had two assessments that I already took. After I got home I decided to paint my nails. Yesterday was the first day of Spring equinox this year. This coralish color kinda symbolize the Spring season because its a bright color and it gives out that energetic vibe.

Random blog:

Sooo busy this week and last week. I've been studying diligently for my classes so I can aquire those A's or B's. All those time I invested in studying really paid off and it makes me feel great. I was stress at first, but I felt relief after knowing or memorizing the subjects for my exam. After I checked on my progress grades, I felt proud of myself. Hehehe. When I don't study or whatever prevents me from studying, I do very poorly on my assessment(s) and I would get more stress, sad and mad. So... study helps big time. :)

Drinking fruit juice is a risk of Diabetes!!!

I used to drink orange juices more than 16 fluid oz. each day. Knowing this could be a risk factor I reduce drinking orange juices because it is high in glycemic meaning high in sugar that may cause diabetes. Type 1 diabetes usually occurs in children or young adults due to genetics, viral, or autoimmune. What this does is when the body fails to produce insulin. The lack of insulin may have symptoms of excessive thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, and blurred vision. People with this needs a lifelong daily insulin injection or healthy diet and exercise to maintain normal blood glucose level. Type 2 diabetes is the most common in the United States due to the cause of genetics, aging, or obesity. Type two diabetes used to be called "adult onset", until kids started to get them as well. Type two diabetes is when glucose can't enter the body cell, this is due to either the pancreas having problems producing insulin or the cells are resistant to insulin. Symptoms for this diagnose includes fatigue or nausea, frequent urination, constant thirst, weight loss, blurred vision, frequent infections, and slow healing of wounds or sores. Pre-diabetes usually occurs before Type 2 diabetes and a risk of heart disease, its a condition when blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not enough evidence to say it is diabetes. To prevent having this, an excellent healthy diet will do you good and regular exercise will aid those glucose entering the cells. Weight loss also decrease insulin resistant & help blood glucose level. There's another diabetes that can occur in pregnant women and its called gestational diabetes. There are no evidence on what causes this, but this condition means that they have hyperglycemia(high blood sugar) during pregnancy. After the pregnancy, there is a 100% chance on developing type two diabetes when they are overweight and don't lose weight. Following the Diabetic diet can work to decrease this risk by eating food in low saturated fat and high fiber, exercise to maintain normal weight and calorie control, and ask for a dietition's assistant.
After reading and learning all of these, I know just what to do to change my lifestyle but I don't know what to trust to purchase what the market is selling because all the fruits and vegetables are genetically modified...