Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Palty: Sparkling Blonde to Milk Tea Brown!

Sparkling Blonde:
Milk Tea Brown:
I look so goofy with my bangs curled -_-
After: Sparkling Blonde
After I applied the products all over my hair and roots, I let it stay for 40 minutes. Here's how my hair look like after a week.
After: Milk Tea Brown
Waited ONE month before I dye my hair again. After I have applied the products all over my hair and roots, I let it stayed for 45 minutes before rinsing and conditioning. Here's how my hair turned out, after 1 week. I love it!
Hope this helps!


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  2. LOVE the milk tea brown on your hair, it's georgeous! The 'before' picture you have: is that your natural dark hair (virgin hair) or was it dyed that color?

    I ask because mine is was dyed a similar dark color awhile ago and I've been thinking of trying this sparkling blonde&milk tea brown combo.

    Thanks for posting such lovely pictures!

  3. Thanks! Yes, it's my natural hair color(black) before it was dyed to this.

  4. Hey! how many boxes did you have to use for theblonde dye?

    1. TWO boxes of Sparkling blond and another two boxes of Milk Tea brown. Considering that I have long hair that passed my shoulders, I would need 2 hair dyes to cover my entire hair.